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Life Should Not Be a Game of Chance

UProtectNZ’s helping hand provides security and peace of mind for you, your family and your business.

Having a contingency plan in place for those tough financial times that may arise due to sickness, accident or losing a loved one is one of the smartest and wisest decisions you will ever make. As a good insurance adviser, we’ll not only find the best insurance options for you but also explain in simple terms how you will be covered when you need it most.

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How much life insurance is “enough”? It’s wise to spend time with a trusted insurance adviser to make sure you have adequate life insurance in place.


You’re young and healthy so you think that health insurance isn’t a priority in your life just yet, right? Wrong! Now is the perfect time to insure your health before a medical problem puts your life on hold.


If you or a key person associated with your business are off work with a serious illness, it is important to know that your business can continue to operate without you.

Insurance Advice When You need it

Where to start? Insurance can all be a bit daunting, confusing and scary, especially when you look at all the different products, the multitude of insurers, the various options available and then try and compare insurance quotes. As good insurance advisers, it’s our job to work together with you to provide guidance and quality advice, and to come up with a plan that provides security and peace of mind, knowing that you have protected yourself, your family and your business.

Protection Made Easy

You just don’t know what’s around the corner and life throws some curve-balls. Be prepared, act now: it’s painless and easy when you talk with an insurance adviser who knows their way around the intricacies of risk protection and who has a strong personal interest in helping people.

All insurance companies have their specific “sweet spots” – it’s our job to find the best “sweet spot” for you, in terms of the type, quality, and amount of insurance cover, as well as ensuring the cost is competitive and manageable.

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Read what our clients say…

You’ve done a really fantastic job and it’s comprehensible to the point that reading through it is actually enjoyable! Thanks again for all your help. It’s really relieved my stress levels to deal with someone I know I can trust, and who has the knowledge and patience to take me through all that stuff.

Bobi Vondruska, Wellington

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