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To find the best financial advice and insurance quote, your first step should be getting a personal recommendation.

Our commitment is to make each and every single one of our clients happy. The way to achieve that, in our experience, is by searching far and wide to put together a comprehensive insurance plan that gets you the best cover at the best possible rates. We make sure your interests are covered.

Sound good? It is, but don’t take our word for it. Below are some testimonials from clients who have trusted us with their financial futures.
Isabelita & Reynaldo Esguerra, Auckland
Thank you so much. Thank you for taking your time in helping us.  We appreciate it so much.  I hope there will also be a positive result on removing or reducing my Trauma and Severe Trauma premiums. That will really be a great help for us.  Thanks again, thank you for being a blessing to others like us.
Jan Nichols, Chief Executive, Harbour Hospice
We are very lucky to have such passionate, dedicated people such as yourself in our community who go over and above to fundraise for Hospice.  All funds raised will be used for patients living on the Hibiscus Coast with life limiting illnesses and provide support for their families too.
Ilan Wittenberg, Auckland
Theo is a professional financial adviser and an excellent insurance adviser. Theo took time to study my current financial situation, the policies which I already had in place and future requirements that my wife and I described. Theo wrote an extensive paper describing our options and offered a few recommended alternatives. As a result of his efforts we now have a better coverage and with better value for money. I highly recommend Theo to give you an honest and clear assessment with optimal coverage for your specific needs!
Robyn-Marie Case, Auckland
Theo helped me to find the right Insurance for my situation.  He listened to my requirements and made sure he provided me with a range of options, all very transparently documented and explained, from which I was able to make the best choice – aided with his guidance and his in-depth knowledge of the insurers and the range of products available in the market. I also attend a network meeting with Theo and I am so impressed with his caring, thoughtful approach to insurance. He genuinely cares for his clients and keeps us up to date with new policy enhancements and opportunities that meet our changing circumstances.  He also gives to charity through his Greek music, organising an annual Greek Extravaganza for Hibiscus Hospice as well as performing for special needs patients and residents at retirement villages and local school fundraisers.  To me – he is the BEST!
Jady Chen, Auckland
Thanks, Theo, for your down to earth attitude. Thanks a lot for your lovely gift.  Really appreciated…. Thanks for your ongoing help and you have a lovely day. 
Kalev Crossland, Auckland
I have known Theo Simeonidis since March 2014.  I first met Theo through a business networking group we both attended.  In time, once I got to know Theo and trust him, I asked him to review my ACC cover and levies and to review my insurances.  Theo’s comprehensive and transparent review cost me nothing, and I was very pleased with the result.  It demonstrated to me that there were better options for both ACC and personal insurances, at a better price.  Consequently, I had Theo arrange fresh cover for me about 2 and a half years ago.

I have been very happy with the advice and service that Theo has given me.  He is proactive in ensuring I always meet my obligations with ACC cover, making sure I do not pay too much and to have good complementary insurance cover.  I have recommended him to others as a result.  I find Theo personally excellent to deal with.  He differs from other insurance advisers I know (and there are many) in that he had a career as a senior business executive and CEO for many years before entering this market.  For me, that experience is very useful in assisting people.

At a personal level, I have found Theo is a humble and giving person.  He is involved in some great charities and causes; all done with no fanfare.

Chris Edwards & Claire Douglass, Auckland
We just wanted to offer you a huge thank you for the way you have handled our policy renewal. We really appreciated your time and effort and the outcome of what you achieved for us. Especially with all the uncertainty that was/is going on around us. We feel very secure in our insurance, so thank you for that. You have given us peace of mind.
Emily K, Auckland
We were referred to Theo by our accountant and have had him as our Insurance Broker since 2019, and could not recommend him highly enough.  He produced an in-depth report for us to go over (don’t let it put you off if you’re not a big reader – the recommendation is very straight forward!), met with us to discuss, and gave us a great recommendation of a company we would not have chosen by ourselves as they were not familiar to us, but have turned out to be extremely good to us when we least expected it.  He has helped us put in place medical, life, total disability and mortgage repayment insurance, plus guided us through a better ACC policy for self-employed.  As a self-confessed control freak, I find it hard to put the trust in other people to handle things for me, but Theo has proven himself ten-fold, always has time for us and is always ready to help. Would recommend and refer to anyone.
Andy Schmidt, Auckland
Theo is passionate about making sure you have the right cover for your particular circumstances, for you and your family. He is also very helpful when it comes to claim time, to take the stress off dealing with the insurance companies. Theo is also a great supporter of community events. I can’t recommend his services highly enough.
Sean Foster, Auckland
Theo is an experienced, straight up guy who you can trust to manage your insurance, highly recommended.
Bobi Vondruska, Wellington
Theo, you absolutely ROCK! Thanks so much for your help and advice. I find insurance extremely confusing so your help is much appreciated. You’ve really put my mind at ease and I feel so lucky to have someone that I can trust to help me with this. Also, thanks for getting back to me so quickly. You’ve done a really fantastic job and it’s comprehensible to the point that reading through it is actually enjoyable! Thanks again for all your help. It’s really relieved my stress levels to deal with someone I know I can trust, and who has the knowledge and patience to take me through all that stuff.
Warren Lovell, New Plymouth
And a big thank you for your patience and tenacity in getting this result.
Bruce Millar, Auckland
That is great to have my side of things sorted and also to have my career at class 2. Well done! Thank you for your persistence. Thank you, as always, for your thorough work.
Philip Sung, Silverdale
Great news Theo.  Thanks for your help getting this sorted.
Bart Peters, Mangawhai
Theo, thanks, great work, much appreciated!!!!
Aaron Mok, Auckland
Theo is one of the most caring and attentive insurance advisers I have ever come across.  He has continued to exceed my expectations in helping both my client referrals as well as meeting my own insurance needs.  What makes him stand out from the rest?  He understands duty of care and demonstrates by providing word for word comparisons on different insurance policies to suit your needs. What really amazes me is the aftersales service he provides.  I would recommend him for all your insurance needs.
Nikos Jason, Auckland
Thank you for your efforts. I will recommend you to others I know.
Amber Yates, Papakura
Confirming that we received the letter stating the same from Asteron in the post today.

That’s brilliant- thank you so much for arranging this for us [pregnancy waiver of premium].  It will be hugely helpful for us at this time.  Much appreciated.

Eric Ng, Auckland
We have been with Theo for a few years now. He’s been super responsive and it’s always a pleasure to work with him whether we have a question or need to update a policy, etc. He has always gone above and beyond for us. Thank you, Theo!
Harbour Hospice
For the fourth year, the drive and passion of Theo Simeonidis and the Rotary Satellite Club of Orewa-Millwater, ensured the success of the Greek Extravaganza, which raised more than $24,000 for Harbour Hospice services in the Hibiscus Coast.
Renell Judais, Auckland
Excellent, professional service delivered with insight and understanding – always with the client’s best interests in mind.  All personal considerations are taken into account to provide a tailored solution.  An impressive range of products available – cover ranges from the most comprehensive to the simplest, according to one’s requirements.  Highly recommended.
Svea Berling, Auckland
Thanks Theo you are a star!
Carol-Anne McKinley, Tauranga
You are amazing Theo!  Thanks a bunch!
Johannes Dimyadi, Auckland
I simply spread the word to people I know that you provide a very professional service…. In my experience, your consultation approach is professional and your report is thorough.  So, I will continue to spread the word for you on this basis.
Kerrie Gregory, Auckland
Theo has been our insurance advisor since 2013, and we have found him excellent to deal with. Insurance is not something most of us like to spend much time on and Theo makes this process easy. He is incredibly knowledgeable and provides comprehensive advice in an easy-to-understand way. Theo is proactive and always completes annual reviews to ensure the insurance cover we have is still fit for purpose. He’s a nice guy and seems to really enjoy what he does. I highly recommend him.
Alexios Kavallaris & Vasiliki Kakava, Hamilton
Theo of UProtectNZ Insurance Services has been our insurance adviser since 2015. He is an excellent listener and we appreciated the effort he made to clearly understand our situation, risk exposures and needs, before working with us to tailor an insurance protection plan that best meets our needs, at a cost that is manageable and sustainable.

We have found Theo to be meticulous in undertaking his analysis and preparing informative reports that provide clear recommendations, as well as a thorough explanation of the reasoning behind those recommendations.  He explains the key details of the policies he is recommending so that we have a firm understanding of how the insurances work.

Theo’s ongoing service is exceptional, he is with you all the way in helping at every opportunity, and we are delighted to have him as our insurance adviser.  We recommend him for all your insurance needs.

M Hastings, Auckland
I recently asked Theo to review my life insurance and advise me on the most suitable policy for this stage in my life. As a busy working Mum, I wanted to know I could support my family even if I wasn’t able to work. Theo was very knowledgeable and listened carefully to my needs then gave me different options to consider and talked through what each one offered.

I’m very happy with the final result and would highly recommend Theo for his friendly manner and expert advice.