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Health Insurance

How Does Health Insurance Work?

Health insurance offers you:
  • Greater flexibility and choice with regard to where, when, how and by whom you get treated, in consultation with your doctor;
  • Financial relief from having to pay substantial healthcare bills;
  • Quicker treatment and greater certainty through avoiding long delays for treatment in the public health system;
  • Access to latest medical procedures and technologies;
  • Cover for health issues that may arise later.

As you will know, New Zealand’s public health system still provides good services for emergency situations where life is endangered (such a car accident), so why do you need health insurance in NZ? Because for other health problems – even very serious ones, like cancer treatment – you can spend months or even years on a waiting list. If you have health insurance, you won’t need to wait; you can access high quality treatment quickly and focus on getting better.

do you need health insurance in nz

Read what our clients say…

Theo has been our insurance advisor since 2013, and we have found him excellent to deal with. Insurance is not something most of us like to spend much time on and Theo makes this process easy. He is incredibly knowledgeable and provides comprehensive advice in an easy-to-understand way. Theo is proactive and always completes annual reviews to ensure the insurance cover we have is still fit for purpose. He’s a nice guy and seems to really enjoy what he does. I highly recommend him.

Kerrie Gregory, Auckland


Health Insurance

Health insurance provides the funding to enable you to have private medical treatment whenever you require more immediate access or a broader range of treatment options than are available to you through the public health system.

Why Have Private Health Insurance?

We’re often asked, “do you need health insurance in NZ”? Our answer is “yes”, and there are many valid reasons to take out private health insurance. A major health problem can put your life on hold, requiring you to obtain quality medical advice and treatment – and quickly.

do you need health insurance in nz

I’ll Take Out Health Insurance When I Need It

You’re young and healthy so you think that health insurance isn’t a priority in your life just yet… right? Surprisingly, the opposite is true. 

The perfect time to insure your health is while you’re young and before you suffer any health problems. Why? If you develop a medical condition before getting health insurance, it is likely that you will never be able to get cover for that condition. This is because health insurance companies typically won’t pay for the treatment of a pre-existing medical condition.

You need to get cover while you’re healthy, with as few exclusions as possible, and then you’ll have a good level of cover into the future. The healthier you are when you start your insurance plan the better ‘value for money’ that plan will be throughout the rest of your life.

Quotes For Health Insurance

So, it’s not only important to get health insurance sooner rather than later, it’s also very important that you get a top-quality plan right from the beginning, as you certainly don’t want to be stuck with a low-grade policy for the rest of your life. That’s where the services of a qualified health insurance adviser come in. We will compare insurance quotes to get you the best medical cover and explain everything clearly and simply, so you understand how you and yours are safeguarded.

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