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Privacy Policy

The Privacy Act 2020 defines the principles we need to comply with, including the principle that we can only use information for the purposes for which we collected it.  In order to be able to provide personalised advice and to tailor a protection plan most suited for your needs, we will need to collect personal information from you. This is generally personal information regarding age, health, financial situation, your goals and instructions.

Secure Storage of Personal Information

All personal information records are stored in secure premises and on secured computer systems at our place of business.  The systems we use to hold client information include email, Cloud storage in OneDrive, local hard-drive file back-ups, third party policy research providers such as Quote Monster, and hard copy client files stored in the office.

UProtectNZ Insurance Services Limited Web Site

The UProtectNZ Insurance Services Limited web site uses cookies to improve browsing experience on the website, to show users personalized content, to analyse website traffic, and to understand where our web site visitors are coming from. Our web site collects the following information when an enquiry is made via the web site contact form:  name, contact information and location.  The information is used by us to respond to your contact query, and we do not disclose your name and personal contact details to any third party, unless it is with your express authority and in the fulfilment of your requirements.

Access to your personal information

In accordance with the Privacy Act 2020 you are entitled to access any such information we collect and hold on you, and also to have noted any corrections to such information. If at any time you require a copy of any information we hold or to correct any information obtained with your permission, please contact us.  We shall be happy to provide a full copy at our cost but will always retain original records for legal and compliance requirements.

Client confidentiality

Maintaining strict client confidentiality is very important to us and we undertake not to divulge any information that you have disclosed to us, other than in situations as required by law or for the purposes of providing specific advice to you in accordance with your instructions or our agreed Scope of Service. Circumstances in which personal information may be required to be disclosed include:

  • Insurers and other product providers whom we are considering for your needs or managing any claim(s) on your behalf.
  • The Financial Markets Authority and/or any other regulatory body, as required for audit purposes.
  • Professional compliance and audit assessors investigating our compliance and professional standards.
  • When you have requested referral of your information to other specialist professionals including, but not limited to solicitors, accountants, mortgage brokers or investment advisers.