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Would you seek accounting and tax advice from a chiropractor? Would you get your house electrics re-wired by a plumber? And how about obtaining legal advice from a web designer? Taking this a stage further, would you seek insurance advice from someone off the street, who is not qualified to provide such advice?

This all sounds silly, doesn’t it?

Getting the right insurance advice

Yet that is exactly what many people do, by reading and taking notice of disgruntled online reviews or seeking insurance advice from “family and friends” who are not qualified to give such specialised advice, have no experience in insurance, and simply express their own personal preferences or prejudices.

 Insurance reviews online?

In December 2018, I recommended one particular insurance company’s products to clients, which best met their needs.  After reading some online reviews, they raised their doubts with me about that insurer.  I assured them that the service offered by the company, and their claims record, were excellent, and that the online reviews were unquestionably placed by insurance clients who had not acted in good faith, by withholding and not fully disclosing the necessary medical information.

Experience, expertise and professional advice

My clients duly accepted the benefit of my professional advice and experience and took up the insurance. Barely seven months later, they called me – the main income earner had just been diagnosed with lymphoma.  The trauma and mortgage protection claims were lodged and promptly paid, and my clients were very thankful that they had accepted the benefit of my experience, expertise and professional advice.

The right insurance advice pays for itself

In the last three months, UProtectNZ has lodged seven claims on behalf of clients and has been successful with every single one of them.  Six of those successful claims were with the same insurer about whom my clients initially had their doubts.

Insurance is a specialist field

Insurance requires extensive, detailed knowledge and experience of the multitude of insurers and products in the market. As good insurance advisers, it’s our job to work together with you to provide guidance and quality advice, and to come up with a plan that provides security and peace of mind for you, your family and your business.

It’s what we do!

Theo Simeonidis FNZIM & Cristina Simeonidis
UProtectNZ Insurance Services