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Have I got a deal for you!

I can remember vividly from my 20s and 30s, when, freshly laden with a house, mortgage and young family, my “friendly” insurance salesman would knock on the door and try to sell the next best insurance product since sliced bread! And in those days it was high-pressure selling, with little or no written reports, no transparency in what was being recommended and why.

Insurance for me or him?

I often wondered whether what was being recommended to me, as the client, was in the insurance salesman’s best interests or ours! I am pleased to say that those days of financial advice services, along with those high-pressure insurance salesmen, are coming to the end.

Rules for financial advisers

The New Zealand insurance industry is presently in the midst of a shake-up which requires all financial advisers to comply with a new Code of Professional Conduct for Financial Advice Services. This code requires compliance with prescribed standards of ethical behaviour, conduct and client care, along with demonstrated competence, knowledge and skill.

This is a welcome initiative for advisers who pride themselves in maintaining high standards, as it will see the exit from the industry of the remaining “dinosaurs” who have no wish or intention to embrace these reforms.

Honest financial advice

UProtectNZ is well prepared to meet these higher standards of professional conduct, with Theo already qualified with the New Zealand Certificate in Financial Services (Life and Health Insurance, Level 5), along with the combined 18 years’ experience gained by both he and wife, Cristina, who is also a registered financial adviser.  We follow a disciplined, six-step process throughout in order to ensure the financial advice we provide is transparent, tailored, honest and in your best interests.

But don’t take our word for it!  Check out some of the many testimonials we have received.

It’s what we do!

Theo Simeonidis FNZIM & Cristina Simeonidis
UProtectNZ Insurance Services