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Coping with a critical illness or death in the family

How would you cope in the immediate aftermath of the sudden loss or critical illness of a loved one?

Sadly, I was again reminded of the devastation to family and friends last week, when one of my dear clients passed away after a short illness. The loss of a loved father, husband and friend literally shook the foundations of this Indian family, their friends and business associates.

Help with life insurance claims

It upset me deeply also, but as the insurance adviser for this family, it was my role to immediately take on the responsibility of gathering all the necessary documents, completing the life cover claim form, getting it executed by the surviving policy owner (wife), and lodging it with the insurer. By undertaking the claim on behalf of the client, the family was relieved of the burden of having to deal with the insurer themselves, at a time of huge stress and sadness, so they can focus on grieving for the loss of a dearly loved one.

Early support relieves immediate financial stress

The insurer, Partners Life quickly paid the early Bereavement Support Benefit of $25,000, as an advance off the total life cover sum insured, enabling up-front funeral and any legal estate expenses to be covered. This early support payment relieves any immediate financial stress that might be caused by the loss.

Creating some financial security

The balance of the full life insurance claim was paid a short time later after presenting the insurer with a certified copy of the Death Certificate. This payment will naturally go a long way to creating some financial security for the surviving family.

Situations like this are a very sad time, but it is exactly at times like this that it is a blessing – as an insurance adviser – to be able to help people in their time of need. It’s what we do.