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Your insurance adviser is the best investment you’ll ever make!

Being rather long in the tooth, there are not many things that shock me anymore! However, I was appalled to read recently that an online direct-selling insurance business stated that its role is:

“… to help improve the number of New Zealanders with insurance, but ongoing servicing should be done by advisers…. “

It had become evident that this company was not the best vehicle to look after customers’ ongoing insurance needs.

No care, no responsibility

What this is effectively saying is that this business is happy to sell insurance for the up-front commission, but it is not interested in spending the time to look after the clients’ needs over the long term.

  • What sort of client relationship is that?
  • How does it comply with the Consumer Guarantees Act?
  • Is the sale of an insurance policy to you, without any intent to provide ongoing service to you, an ethical or legal practice?
  • What if you have a serious illness and need someone to assemble, lodge and pursue the claim on your behalf?

As the company has itself stated that it is “not the best vehicle to look after customers’ ongoing insurance needs”, this raises the very question as to why it remains in the industry.  An insurance specialist they are NOT!

Why you should go with a professional insurance specialist

In contrast, when you engage a professional insurance specialist you get a complete needs analysis to identify your exposures and your protection needs; you get quality advice at the outset before you make any purchase decisions and you have a professional advocate to stand beside you for the long haul, represent your interests and pursue claims on your behalf – all as part of the ongoing commitment to provide a quality service.

It’s what I do!