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Hats off to an innovative insurer

We at UProtectNZ Insurance Services have agency relationships with six different insurers, which provide us with access to a full range of products in the market and enable us to take account of the points of difference between insurers. By retaining access to a wide range of insurers, we are able to identify the best match to meet our clients’ needs.

All insurance companies have their specific “sweet spots” – it’s our job to find the best “sweet spot” for our clients, in terms of the type, quality, and amount of insurance cover, while ensuring the cost is competitive and manageable.

High-quality and innovative insurer

Since it entered the market in 2011, Partners Life has forged a reputation as a high-quality and innovative insurer. It was the first to offer $50,000 of child trauma cover as an inbuilt benefit of a parent’s trauma cover. Partners Life was also the first to include own occupation Total Permanent Disability insurance (TPD) as an inbuilt covered condition under its trauma cover. Unlike Partners Life, other insurers now offer TPD linked to their trauma policies, but at an additional premium cost!

Total permanent disability insurance as part of trauma cover

The value of having TPD as a free covered condition under the Partners Life Trauma cover was illustrated very recently. Following a serious back injury, a long-term client has been unable to work for 19 months and is presently receiving a monthly disability insurance benefit.

A subsequent failed spinal fusion operation caused further complications, leaving him unable to ever return to his normal, pre-disability occupation.

Disability insurance cover that will make a difference

Partners Life accepted the TPD claim lodged under the trauma cover policy. While it can never replace a lifetime of normal mobility and the ability to earn income, the lump sum Total Permanent Disability insurance payment was very gratefully received by my client.

In my clients’ words: “Wow! Thank you so much again. I know this is your job, but it is life changing for us at this time”.

It was a pleasure to be able to help this family at a time of medical and financial stress and a blessing that we had secured excellent cover for them with a quality insurer.

It’s what we do!

Theo Simeonidis FNZIM & Cristina Simeonidis
UProtectNZ Insurance Services