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Serving you through the power of active listening

The days of the old-school high-pressure insurance “salesmen” are well and truly over. The new environment demands that insurance advisers actively listen to and understand their clients’ needs, before proffering advice.

I am not an insurance ‘salesman’. As insurance advisors in Orewa we see our role as being to provide quality insurance advice and guidance to clients, to empower them to make the insurance decisions that are appropriate for their needs. I do this through the power of active listening.

What does “active listening” mean?

As well-known insurance advisors in Orewa, a recent client referral was passed on to us at Uprotect. They were a couple who had been flatly denied insurance for their business and were seeking insurance and advice. They had had a previous history of drug and substance abuse. To any insurers or advisers, such a history was treated with a slammed door.

Understanding and moving forward

By encouraging my clients to open up and share with me their full stories, it was soon clear that they had been clean of drugs for years, and had commenced an initiative to help others who were breaking the addiction cycle. With a new, young baby they were now very focused on family, their health and welfare and giving back to the community. Active listening enabled me to understand their history and armed me with the information to act as their strong advocate.

I presented a compelling and transparent case to an insurer, based on the detailed information gained from my clients. The insurance application was approved without any question.

We at UProtectNZ Insurance Services are proud of the commitment we make to using the power of active listening, so we can best serve our clients. We’re the insurance advisors in Orewa who really listen, and our goal is to help you achieve your goals and get the life you want.

It’s what we do!

Theo Simeonidis FNZIM & Cristina Simeonidis
UProtectNZ Insurance Services