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Standing by our clients – through actions, not words

While we at UProtectNZ take considerable pride in the quality of analysis, advice and guidance that we provide to our clients, we also stress, it doesn’t end there. We are the insurance advisors Orewa and Hibiscus Coast clients trust to stand alongside them and walk their journey with them, through thick and thin, right through to claim time. It’s what we do.

This was highlighted on Wednesday, 25 March 2020, the last day before the major COVID-19 lockdown. That morning, I received a phone call from a very distressed client, whose insurance protection plan was, co-incidentally, the very first that I had put in place some eight years previously. Her husband had just taken his own life.

With the impending lockdown, almost everything was closed. She had no extended family in New Zealand, just her two young teenage children; a terrible situation to face in virtual isolation. On receiving her call, I immediately lodged the claim online via the insurer’s web site and made sure that I received a personal call from a senior manager acknowledging the receipt of the claim to assure me that the widow would be contacted immediately to commence the payment of the advance $15,000 Bereavement Support benefit – otherwise she couldn’t pay for the funeral.

Despite lockdown, everything was smoothly put into effect so that she could be confident in knowing that the claim was to hand, and she could grieve without the stress of worrying about being unable to pay for the funeral.

But it didn’t end there: there could be no funeral ceremony in lockdown, no one could go to the cemetery, she was stuck in her house alone with her children, and the many people she knows in her local community were unable to rally around to support her emotionally.

I kept in regular phone contact with her during lockdown so she did not feel totally isolated and alone, so she knew that someone cared, and to ensure the claim was promptly paid to her in full. I received her heartfelt thanks for the caring and support we had given.

My apologies for sharing this sad story with you. The reason for doing so is simply to demonstrate our absolute commitment to our clients, which is backed up by actions – not empty words.

We’re the insurance advisors Orewa residents can have faith in and be assured that we will be there when they need us. We are proud and passionate about the quality of the insurance and financial services we provide to our Hibiscus Coast community!

It’s what we do!