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Protecting yourself while you’re healthy!

The New Zealand health care system has been the source of ongoing disagreement over many years, much of which has come from the perspectives of the various participants in the health care industry. There has been a lot of concern over whether the current system is based on the “ambulance at the bottom of the hill” concept (reactive care), rather than the preventative fence at the top of the cliff (preventative health care).

Public health care in New Zealand

health insurance nzIrrespective of what view each individual may have of our health care system, a current reality of life is that long public waiting lists are now the norm for many major diagnostic tests, surgical and non-surgical medical treatments. This has been made worse by the various prolonged lockdowns that we have experienced over the last two years which have delayed treatments and added to the already lengthy waiting lists.

Why health insurance is important

It is in these circumstances that the benefits of good-quality private health insurance are readily apparent. Such plans provide generous cover for a variety of medical expenses and mean that you are able to receive prompt treatment as, when and where you require it, rather than being at the mercy of the public waiting lists. Good health insurance plans cover the costs of:

  • Major diagnostic tests.
  • Surgical treatment.
  • Non-surgical (hospital) treatment.
  • Non-subsidised drug treatment for high-cost drugs not funded by PHARMAC, as well as cover for the cost of subsidised drugs, and
  • Many other ancillary benefits that aim to assist with your quick recovery and rehabilitation.

Health insurance for pre-existing conditions

The key thing to bear in mind about medical insurance is that the best time to take it up is while you are healthy, not after some medical event makes you liable to have major exclusions of pre-existing condition(s) or even worse, for such cover to no longer be available to you.

Health insurance plans

If you wish to discuss the medical insurance options open to you, please contact us.  We are always available and happy to assist with a no-obligation review.

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