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Having a contingency plan in place for those tough financial times that may arise owing to sickness, accident, or losing a loved one, is one of the smartest and wisest decisions you will ever make.

But where to start – as it can all be a bit confusing and scary? It’s the job of good insurance advisors to work together with you to come up with a tailored plan. This cover should provide security and peace of mind, knowing you have protected yourself, your family and your business.

How insurance assessment works

Once your insurance application is lodged with the insurer, it’s then assessed by an underwriter. Following this your application may be either approved at standard rates, or an offer of terms provided. These may include special provisions such as exclusions or premium loadings – generally as a result of some pre-existing medical condition(s) or injury. In some cases, cover may be declined or deferred.

It’s at times when the insurer comes back with exclusions, premium loadings or deferral of cover, that professional insurance advisors, who fight for their clients, can make a real difference.

Fighting an unacceptable insurance exclusions

A recent female client who had had an abnormal cervical smear in November 2021 was presented with an insurance offer. The terms of the cover excluded cervical smear test abnormalities, cancer and pre-cancerous conditions of the cervix until a further three subsequent consecutive normal smear test results were obtained at least 6 months apart. In other words, the exclusion would apply for at least 18 months! Unacceptable!

What had transpired is that following the abnormal smear in November 2021, my client’s obstetrician advised that she should have another smear test done in 6 months’ time. However, by that time, she was pregnant and so the smear test did not proceed. My client was advised to wait until after the baby was born to have the next smear. A subsequent smear test in late October 2022 had come back all clear and normal.

Next, I took the case up with the underwriter. I advocated that the rather draconian exclusion should be amended. I argued that it would be removed if the client had a smear test now and the result is normal. The underwriter agreed. A prompt smear test came back normal. The exclusion was immediately removed, within 24 hours!

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Another very happy UProtectNZ client!

I love making my clients happy. It’s what I do!

Theo Simeonidis
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