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By not fighting insurance battles alone

Throughout history, Greeks have fought for freedom, truth and right. Whether it was the heroic 300 Spartans resisting the invading Persian hordes at Thermopylae in 480BC or responding to the dictator Mussolini’s ultimatum to surrender in 1941, with a blunt “Ochi” (NO), then staunchly repelling the invading Italian forces, Greeks have a history of defending what is right.

The defeat of Mussolini’s invading troops led the UK Prime Minister Churchill to declare:

“…Until now we used to say that the Greeks fight like heroes. Now we shall say: heroes fight like Greeks.”

So, what does this have to do with insurance in 2022?

The key to knowing how to deal with insurance companies is to have a Greek fight your insurance battles!

For us at UProtectNZ, fighting for our clients’ rights is deeply embedded in our DNA.

Several years ago, we “inherited” a 39-year-old client who had had insurance covers placed by a previous adviser. Following a diagnosis of terminal pancreatic cancer, we immediately lodged the trauma cover claim, including all the detailed oncology reports and everything the insurer required to process the claim.

But the claims assessment dragged on and on, without justification. As a last resort, I posted on the company’s public Facebook page:

“Sorry to say that I am appalled with your extremely dilatory and poor claims servicing processes. I lodged a Crisis Cover claim for a very ill client over three weeks ago. We were requested to provide additional medical information which was done immediately. The family is under huge emotional and financial stress as a result of this trauma, which is exactly the role this Crisis Cover was put in place to relieve! We need this sorted now, no more delays, no more excuses for the delays! Now!”

The claim was duly paid within 24 hours to the great relief of the stressed and grateful family.

Fighting for our clients’ rights is an important part of the total commitment we at UProtectNZ make to our clients.

Whether at claim time or when challenging unfair underwriting assessments, we are always there to help. Insurance companies have been known to go to great lengths to avoid paying out clients when things go wrong. If this were ever to happen to you, there would be no need to feel helpless or suffer financial or emotional hardship. We understand how to deal with insurance companies, and we’ll always be in your corner to fight your insurance battles for you!

It’s what we do!

Theo Simeonidis
UProtectNZ Insurance Services