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Getting insurance payouts when you should

A fundamental expectation that all insurance policy owners have is that when they lodge a claim, it will be paid. That’s why we have insurance, right? However, having a successful claim depends on several key points:

  • Ensuring that your original policy application and any claim form is completed with full and honest disclosure, and
  • Having an insurance adviser working for you who will hold the insurance company to account and ensure that the claim is fairly assessed and paid.

Insurance claims help when needed

The turbulent events of the last 18 months have resulted in many “orphan” clients coming to UProtectNZ Insurance Services because they felt that they have not been looked after well enough by their existing insurance adviser. Cristina recently illustrated, yet again, the importance of having an insurance adviser who is a strong advocate for your interests.

One such “orphan” client (“Carol” for anonymity) was recently referred to Cristina. Carol and her partner had existing insurance covers, including medical insurance. Cristina reviewed their covers and made some recommendations for improving their protection plan while saving them a considerable sum in monthly premiums, while retaining Carol’s existing medical insurance because of pre-existing conditions.

The right insurance claims process

insurance payoutsSeveral months later Cristina pursued a medical insurance claim for Carol, which was similar to other claims that Carol’s previous insurance adviser had unsuccessfully lodged in the past. As the claim was of a similar nature to the previous unsuccessful claims, it was initially declined.

However, by presenting a strong, factual case to the insurer, along with additional supporting evidence, Cristina successfully had the claim paid, much to the Carol’s delight:

”Woohoo!! Fantastic! Thank you so much for your help, Cristina. This is yet another thing that the previous broker didn’t help me with and I never got reimbursed.”

Effective insurance claims services

With UProtectNZ Insurance Services you know that you have strong advocates looking after your interests at all stages in managing your insurance protection plan.

It’s what we do!