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Prostate cancer and medical insurance

Being of the age when it is prudent to have a prostate check, several months ago I visited my local GP.  The obligatory “somewhat embarrassing test” and two blood tests 6 weeks apart, indicated that my PSA levels were marginally above the threshold for my age. A referral to a specialist led to an immediate MRI scan being arranged the following day – thanks to my medical insurance.

The results of the scan indicated an immediate biopsy procedure was required under general anaesthetic. A week later the results came back and the specialist advised that there was nothing nasty at play – a welcome relief.

Medical insurance as we age

While health insurance can start becoming expensive in our 60s and beyond, several points are worth reflecting on, from my personal experience:

  • Under my medical insurance, an MRI was able to be scheduled immediately, with no delay. The scan cost $1,875, I paid just the $250 excess;
  • The biopsy procedure was arranged very quickly, within days;
  • I was grateful that I didn’t need to reflect during any lengthy delays, as everything happened very quickly.

And the total cost? This came to around $9,000, and while $9,000 wouldn’t “break the bank” it was great to have this cost covered by my Partners Life private medical cover.

Personal experience of the benefits of medical insurance

Some people are happy to remain totally within the public health system, while others prefer the medical insurance option. Whether you have medical insurance or not is a personal choice. I’m very glad I had mine. If you have any questions about the extent and benefits from medical insurance, I’m happy to take you through this. I have the personal experience in knowing how it works! That’s what I do.