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Dealing with breast cancer:  a client’s story

Late one rainy afternoon in October 2016, I received a phone call from a distressed client who had just been diagnosed with breast cancer.  After shedding some tears, Claire[1], thanked me, in her words, for my foresight in “putting in place the best insurance plan ever”.  As a single parent of a teenage daughter, with a substantial mortgage, she knew that her protection plan would help her immensely.

Comprehensive insurance protection

Claire had a comprehensive protection plan: Life insurance ($707,000), Trauma ($202,000), Total Permanent Disability ($202,000), Mortgage Repayment ($3,302 per month), Private Medical and Premium covers.

Medical treatments covered

The Private Medical Cover enabled immediate detailed pre-surgery diagnostic tests to be completed, and, within a week, the breast surgery and reconstruction were done.  Following a period of recovery, a further course of chemotherapy and additional preventative treatments were covered by the medical insurance.  Claire’s Trauma claim of $202,000 was also promptly paid, providing financial relief so that she could concentrate on treatment and rehabilitation.

Mortgage payments covered

While Claire’s Mortgage Repayment Cover (MRC) was based on an 8-week wait period, and 2-year benefit payment period, the Partners Life MRC cover includes a great inbuilt Critical Illness Benefit.  This benefit means that the wait period will be waived if the illness is one of 11 named conditions –cancer being one.  Thus the monthly mortgage repayment benefit commenced being paid from the date of diagnosis, with no wait period!  How good is that?

But it gets better! Because Premium cover is built into the Mortgage Repayment Cover, Claire’s total premiums for the entire period that she has been incapacitated – 12 months to date, and counting – have been waived by the insurer.  She hasn’t had to pay a bean over this time!

A good insurance protection plan so you can focus on getting well

Claire has been in a very good space, financially, throughout this trying breast cancer episode and being able to concentrate on her treatment and rehabilitation. Her positive approach to battling her breast cancer has been absolutely inspirational.

I‘m pleased and humbled to have been able to help her through putting in place a robust, high-quality protection plan with an exceptional insurer and executing the claims on her behalf.  It’s what I do.

[1] Name changed for anonymity.